4 O’clock and all is well!

For my very first post about a particular plant, I absolutely had to make it about the 4 o’clock, also calledĀ Marvel-of-Peru which is a species of Mirabilis plant. Mirabilis in Latin means wonderful. I agree, these are wonderful plants. They grow fast and will be up to 1-4 feet high.

Why are they called 4 O’Clock? Because they open their blooms late in the afternoon and bloom all night, then in the morning as the light gets brighter, they close up.

More info about Four O’Clock flowers available here
Seed packages – $2.25Ā Sale $1.00 for 20 seeds of mixed color. +$0.98 s/h.

Due to an abundance of seeds produced by this years crop, I’ve lowered the price of a package of 20 to just $1.00.

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