4 O’clock and all is well!

For my very first post about a particular plant, I absolutely had to make it about the 4 o’clock, also called Marvel-of-Peru which is a species of Mirabilis plant. Mirabilis in Latin means wonderful. I agree, these are wonderful plants. They grow fast and will be up to 1-4 feet high.

Why are they called 4 O’Clock? Because they open their blooms late in the afternoon and bloom all night, then in the morning as the light gets brighter, they close up.

More info about Four O’Clock flowers available here
Seed packages – $2.25 Sale $1.00 for 20 seeds of mixed color. +$0.98 s/h.

Due to an abundance of seeds produced by this years crop, I’ve lowered the price of a package of 20 to just $1.00.

Coming sooner than you think – 2018 Spring Plants

I’ve spent the last bits of Summer and now early Fall collecting seeds from my very successful 2017 flower garden.  In 2016, I became interested in something called a Hügelkultur (Here’s a video I made of the process). Thus began my quest of a “Green Thumb”. My attempts prior always turned into failures. This time, it would be different.

My goal was to have a vegetable garden full of useful and edible foods. I soon learned about beneficial bugs and insects, I came to realize that a successful food garden required the help of flowers to attract the pollination process. So, I went online to to find colorful flowers to plant around my veggies. And as it turned out, the flowers became what I really wanted, not the veggies.

The problem with all of the effort to grow your own food, is that most of the time, the results are so-so, and the price for those items are their cheapest at the same time your garden finally produces them. The trade off was minimal, but you really can’t judge it just on cost. The taste of fresh picked is amazing and of course, you know exactly what’s in you own grown food.

So now, my focus has turned to colorful flowers. And so this website is dedicated to all of those who feel as I do. The color of a successful flower garden has no equal in terms of shear joy and contentment. I hope to provide to you some of the knowledge I’ve acquired. I also will be offering the fruits of my labor for you to purchase, so that you too can experience what I have during this amazing process we call “The birds and bees, the flowers and the trees”.

I offer up the fruit of my work, SEEDS and seedlings.